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The European EMTP Users Group distribute and facilitate the usage of the software ATP-EMTP and its ecosystem. The electromagnetic transient program ATP-EMTP is developed by Dr. Scott Meyer and co. in USA. The program is a de facto standard in transient simulations and available free of charge to anyone not involved in "EMTP commerce". An approved license is required to download and use the solver ATP-EMTP.

In this web-site you can:

  • Register to download the ATPDraw software and get access to the Beginners Forum.
  • Apply for license for download of the ATP-EMTP software and documentation, and get access to the Discussion Forum.
  • Become a member of EEUG to get access to conference, course and webinar material as well as ATP-EMTP tools and object code.  

Members support the development of the material and exchange of information between users.