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The European EMTP Users Group distribute and facilitate the usage of the software ATP-EMTP and its ecosystem. The electromagnetic transient program ATP-EMTP is developed by Dr. Scott Meyer and co. in USA. The program is a de facto standard in transient simulations and available free of charge to anyone not involved in "EMTP commerce". An approved license is required to download and use the solver ATP-EMTP.

In this web-site you can:

  • Register to download the ATPDraw software and get access to the Beginners Forum.
  • Apply for license for download of the ATP-EMTP software and documentation, and get access to the Discussion Forum.
  • Become a member of EEUG to get access to conference, course and webinar material as well as ATP-EMTP tools and object code.  

Members support the development of the material and exchange of information between users.

Next EEUG conference is changed to digital on Sept. 12, 2023. Information here.