EMTP-ATP is the original electromagnetic transient program
free, standard, superfast!

It covers all range of transients from lightning and switching studies to temporary overvoltages and sub-synchronous resonance. It has steady-state initialization, good support for multi-conductor analysis, powerful scripting in MODELS.

EMTP-ATP - Supported components

Control blocks. TACS. Sources, transfer-functions, devices, FORTRAN functions, logics.

Control scripts. MODELS. Powerful FORTRAN similar language. All variables are signals with delays and transfer function capabilities. Logics and time functionality.

Linear branches. Multi-phase and coupled RLC components.

Nonlinearities. Resistors, inductors, metal oxide arresers. Controllable.

Lines|Cables. Multi-phase electric and geometric (LINE CONSTANTS, CABLE PARAMETERS) models. PI-equivalents, Bergeron, JMarti.

Transformers. Ideal. 3-phase, 3-winding saturable transformer. Test-report data input: BCTRAN and XFMR models. Up to 4 windings, three or five legged core, shell form. Core saturation, all phase connections (Wye, Delta, Auto, Zigzag) and phase shifts.

Switches. Time and voltage controlled. Power electronic divices; diode, thyristor, triac, igbt. Statistical and systematic swithes.

Sources. AC, DC, linear slope-ramp, lightning (with fitting), saw-tooth, pulse train, controllable by TACS and MODELS.

Machines. Synchronous, Induction and Universal machines models. Manufacturers input, multiple masses, parallel operation.

Supporting routines. LINE CONSTANTS, CABLE PARAMETERS. Multi-conductor Line|Cable models with geometrical input

ATPDraw - Graphical user interface

ATPDraw is a powerful Windows-based interface facilitating intuitive circuit designs and key simulation result visualization.

Edit operations. Copy-Paste. Mult-level layering. Ulimited Undo/Redo.

W-Y-S-I-W-Y-G. Automatic node naming. Creates ATP-file for simulation.

250+ components. No data limits. Dynamic and highlighted MODELS support. Line/Cable interface with view and verify. Embedded plotting object. Probes with phasor extraction.

Power system toolbox. Phasor, impedance and power calculators. Filters and PLL. Protective relays.

Post-processing. Write phasors on screen. Extract extremal values as function of parameters. COMTRADE generators.

PlotXY - Post-processing

PlotXY is an easy, flexible and fast post-processor.

PL4-files. Reads up to three simultaneous ATP's PL4-files. Refresh for instant reloading.


MatLab. Exports data to MatLab format.

FFT. Plots harmonic frequency spectrum

ATP-Designer - Graphical user interface

ATP-Designer focuses on three-phase power systems.

W-Y-S-I-W-Y-G. Automatic node naming. Creates ATP-file for simulation.

COMTRADE files. Reads and writes 1999/2001 comtrade files.

Integrated signal analysis. DFT, harmonics, rms.

Short circuits. By ATP and IEC 60909.

Relay protection. Over-current, distance, differential.