We respect your privacy.

This web site does not use client side cookies to keep track of login status, neither are third party cookies installed. Instead the server side SESSION mechanism is utilized.

When you register as a User we ask you to provide a verified email address along with a name/alias and optional company. The name/alias is what is shown in Forums. The email address is only used to send you updates on upcoming events and new materials, and/or notifications if someone replies to your Forum post, if you specifically allow this. You can at any time change your settings later under Administration. The password you obtain should be changed to your own preferences. It is stored encrypted in the database and cannot be recovered by EEUG. Anyway you should not use door opening passwords to your personal life on any public sites. We also ask you to provide a Security Question with Answer. This is used when Forgot Password is needed and is an extra security mechanism for high profile users and administrators to avoid illegal password resets. The Security Answer is stored encrypted in the database.

When you log in to the site we store the log-in status, ip address, the time of log-in and increment a counter. We do this to create statistics of activity and protect the site from attacks as it gives us the ability to blacklist and block certain addresses.   

When you register as a Licensee, we ask for more personal information like name, company, country, telephone and address. This information is not shared with others, except for paper copies of the licensing agreement that could be sent to the ATP owner in USA upon request.

Student licensing requires a supervisor to 'Accept student licensing' under MyAccount and share the provided code with students. They can then get an automatic, time limited license connected to the email of the supervisor. The only other data added to the database of students are Country, Company and Address.

When you register as a Member we log your accumulated payment.

If there is no log-in activity for some years we might delete your account. Even if your license agreement in such case disappear electronically you are still free to use the software.